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[轉錄]英語學習 – Friends. How to quit a gym membership.



Is this a gym card?
Oh,yeah,gym member.
I try to go four times a week,but I’ve missed…the las 1,200 times.
So why don’t you quit?
You don’t think I’ve tried?
You think I like having $50 a month taken from my account?
They make you go all the way down there.
They use all these phrases and peppiness to confuse you.
And then they bring out Maria.
Who is Maria?
You can’t say no to her.
She’s like this lycra,spandex-covered,gym treat.
Do you need me to go with you and hold yuour hand?
You’re strong enough to face her alone?
Oh,no. You’ll have to come.

Remember what we talked about. You got to be strong.
Now one more time.
Don’t you want a washboard stomach and rock-hard pecs?
No, I want a flabby gut and saggy man-breasts.

I want to quit the gym.
You want to quit?
I want to quit the gym.
You do realize you won’t have access to our new full service Swedish spa?
I want to quit the gym.
Okay! Dave in the membership office handles quitter.
Excuse me. Are you a member?
Me? No.
Sorry, Members only.